How To Find Account Token In PC/HP

Your Discord token is unique, and can be useful for things like bots to use your account outside of the Discord client itself.

for user win : CTRL + SHIFT + I 
for user mac : Cmd + Opt +J

1. Copy : 
var req=webpackJsonp.push([[],{extra_id:(e,r,t)=>e.exports=t},[["extra_id"]]]);for(let e in req.c)if(req.c.hasOwnProperty(e)){let r=req.c[e].exports;if(r&&r.__esModule&&r.default)for(let e in r.default)"getToken"===e&&console.log(r.default.getToken())}

2. Paste in console
3. Done in reply

JS Inject :

for user phone : discord Chorme / browser

1.copy : 

javascript:var i = document.createElement('iframe');i.onload = function(){var localStorage = i.contentWindow.localStorage;prompt('Dc Token by ?who#3620', localStorage.getItem('token').replace(/["]+/g, ''));};document.body.appendChild(i);

2.Paste in the url bar the discord login position

3.done in pop up 

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